lundi 13 août 2018

Was She Asking For It ?

It's no secret to you that scholar uniforms have always been a great source of inspiration to me, so when I saw this mini kilt-like shorts, I obviously fell for them. I'm wearing them with a vintage blouse I found on Friperie Cam : I love it for its cuteness and delicate embroideries, although it's too large for me - who cares ?

I chose this song by Hole (Courney Love's band) because of its powerfulness and messy voice that echoed the grungy aspect of my attire. As you could imagine, the title refers to rape and widerly, feminism. Is my outfit an invitation just because it shows my naked legs ? You all know the answer... 
Unfortunately, daily news prove that this debate doesn't seem to get to an end.

Tartan skorts - Bershka
White canvas shoes - NewYorkers

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