lundi 3 novembre 2014

Octobre Tiendra Sa Revanche

   Encore une chanson ultra-cliché pour accompagner cet article mais voilà, vous saurez que j'adore Francis Cabrel et ce poème que j'avais appris à l'école primaire - Nostalgie quand tu nous tiens ;)

   I am sorry for the lack of posts these last weeks but my laptop went down then I had to get a new one ; it was also holidays with my family and friends then I did not take time to shoot my outfits. But I still got a lot of pictures to show you (I am so late !) and I can't wait to post them :)

Here's a little resume of my Month of October:

04/10/14 - Bordeaux

Sunday morning sweet sunlight.

11/10/14 - Countryside

Marine looking so-adorable without her brace (finally) !

12/10/14 - Countryside

Sympathique nid de frelon asiatiques (non ce n'est pas de l'art abstrait).

Lovely asian hornet nest (this also could be a piece of modern art). 

13/10/14 - Bordeaux

A nice walk in town with my bestfriend Marine (the second one - there's also a third Marine) ;)


Don't ask me what I was doing with my hands.

16/10/14 - Bordeaux

A lovely picture of my friend Noemie. 
I love her cute smile and her easiness.

21/10/14 - Bordeaux

Celebrating my birthday with my best friends and a banofee♥
I actually don't have more pictures to show.. 

29/10/14 - Pau

Enjoying indian summer in my hometown - with my dearest cousin and her friends.


 Un séjour à Pau n'est rien sans un bon verre de vin blanc (et aussi du jambon de Bayonne, fromage de brebis et confiture de cerises) ;)

A journey in Pau is nothing without white wine (and also ham, ewe cheese & cherry jam).

31/10/14 - Countryside

Bisous bisous !

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  1. I really love the first two pictures! So poetic, I simply love it!

  2. Oh c'était ton anniversaire ,! O_o Alors joyeux anniversaiiiiiiiiiiiire!! (même si je suis en retard... :/ )

    Et au passage tu n'en as pas marre de faire de super jolies photos toujours plus poétiques les unes que les autres ;)


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