lundi 24 novembre 2014

A Late Halloween Party

08/11/14 - Valley Of the Dead Dolls
(oh wow)

   I know I'm incredibly late in my posts - but here are some pics I wanted to share with you. 
My bestfriend Laura had planed this little Halloween party on the 31st October but I couldn't be there so we made it on the weekend after.
To be honest I had never celebrated Halloween in my whole life (well, I did dressed like a witch when I was a kid but I don't eat candies so no "trick or treat" for me) and it was actually such fun to look like a zombie doll - though I hate putting shitload of make up on my skin.

Laura, her boyfriend and me took those shots before the others come - I scarcely ever shoot on parties for I prefer to enjoy the moment and forget about looking photogenic ;)

Did you celebrate Halloween in your country ? What's your costume ? 
I hope you'll like these photos - see ya !



4 commentaires:

  1. je dois avouer que sur la photo en noir et blanc tu as vraiment l'air d'une poupée zombie ;) ♥

    1. Haha oui c'est bien la seule où je fais un peu peur :P
      C'est ce qu'on appelle un costume de dernière minute !


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