lundi 5 septembre 2016

A Poem About You

01/09/16 - Somewhere in Paris

Two beating hearts, each broken twice.
Two dimensions now.
Lots of love and lots of hope (necessary).
One promising future.
Frustration (goes with hope). Patience. Hard work.
Mere happiness.

One little ghost versus one true man.

Triangles broken (don't want to feel it anymore).

The end of meaninglessness.

What if - the Monster ?

Two dimensions now. 
I'm alone. 
I've grown.
What if you leave me ?

A straight line of life turning into a winding road.
I'm scared of the fall (ignore it).

This city feels awful at night (I'm so vulnerable),
Now I got to call it 'home'
But what a home without you.

And still I stay calm
The sweet flow of love is soothing my fears
And your face lulls me with tears
Fears of tomorow, tears from the past
But soon you said you'll be back

Then everything will be fine.


(Merci Johana)

2 commentaires:

  1. Beautiful poem !
    Je suis triste, j'aurais aimé faire un shooting avec toi avant que tu partes. ^^'

    1. Ce n'est pas comme si on avait eu l'occasion avant ;) On y arrivera !
      Merci beaucoup pour le poème!


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