dimanche 14 décembre 2014

Wonders & Vanity

Hole - Loser Dust ♪ 

November 2014 - In My Tortured Mind

Dedicated to you, sweet fucker.

You said everything would be okay
But all I can see is darkness again.
You swore it. You lied to yourself.

I regret that time when I could explode 
For a moment that seemed forever, 
My whole body shivering and aching,
Howling and screaming words I couldn't control.

Now everyday seems like I'm fucking insane.
What have you done to me ?
Why do you hate me so much ?
Now I'm scared of everything.
Smiles may be faking but eyes cannot lie.
Miror of your soul, remember that ?
I thought yours was good, I thought you would care
But they're all gone, there's no one I can trust.

And we were never taught how to be loved,
Never taught how to respect ourselves properly.
I am clueless.




Scolding Shower.

Anger, violence.





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