mardi 15 avril 2014

Pensées Nocturnes (Introspection)

Puff Daddy - Pain

Those awful nights you've spent crying,
Crying about all the things you had lost,
Me, him, you were all alone with yourself,
Nobody but this fucking Monster.

He wants you to cry, 
He likes it when you're crying,
He likes it when you're aching. 

I was hurting inside, 
I could feel the pain,
And with no god I believe in, 
I was praying so hard,
For the pain to go away.

Leave me alone fucking Monster !
Get away from me !
Go away !

But the monster never leaves,
He's waiting for your tears,
Craving for watching you die,
Expecting you to lose,
To give up everything,
To fall into his poisoned arms.

Where are you ?
I can't see you !
Where the fuck are you hiding ?
Come on, this is not a game !
And this is not a dream !
I know you're here !

Fight against the Enemy.
You are the Enemy,
He's inside of you.
Scream out at The Monster,
Scream out till he leaves !

Then open your eyes. 
Look outside at the window,
The flowers on your bed ;
The night is sweet and warm.

The Monster is gone.



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