vendredi 10 juillet 2015

Screaming At The Silence

Last night I cried. 'Been a while, I had to.
Oh, dear love, you wouldn't be proud of me.
All these people were driving me crazy, I had to call the Monster back.
 You made me sad. He made me mad.

The threat of his return is pursuing me as I am
Walking through the maze of your former shades, there's nothing I can do.
Love you love you love you. Fucking hate you !

Nightmares again. I can feel his shadow above me. 
In every corner of the room.
A black snake strangling me, a monstruous rabbit choking me, a threatening silhouette stabbing me.
Frustration and fear. Aches and anger.

Oh, I wish you would hear me. 
I'm tired of screaming at the silence of a dark room, tired of sheding tears nobody can see. I'm just tired and I need to sleep.

Goodnight dear Monster, and may tomorow look brighter.


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