vendredi 17 avril 2015


   We still got each other, am always here for you, you're always near me, perfect harmony, I know you you know me. I can't tell what's wrong with me, who are you, him or them ? It's all blury my eyes tell me to cry and look up with rage and despair, mum always said I was good at drama, oh well let's make it all tragic.
I've found a new way to get free, little scratches on my skin till it burns and I forget about you. Dear love am sure you would hate it, as you hate the way I love you, I love the way you hate me, perfect irony.

Now keep on breathing. 
Everything will be fine, as long as we're happy.


4 commentaires:

  1. J'adore, le texte est très beau, il doit avoir beaucoup de sens pour toi. En tout cas il est beau, poétique.. I hope you're fine, love what you're doing on your blog xx

  2. Je ne connais pas ton histoire personnelle, mais ton article est très touchant.
    Keep breathing <3


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