mercredi 4 juin 2014

She's Just A Little Tease

But she's not a "femme fatale". 

   She's just a little tease seaking for attention, looking moody all the time 
to get all the boys and men wonder what is wrong with her. 
'What's wrong Lo ? Why are you so sad ?' 
But Lo never answers.
The doll only says yes and no, 
The boys keep sighing for impatience and desire.

She pleases them then leaves them wanting more,
but not too long because she fears the loss.
For want of love and amusement she lets the boys take her for granted. 
She can feel the overwhelming flood of words going straight to her heart.
But the boys don't care if Lo's in love or not, 
they want the skin and not the core.
Then Lo's fated to be left on her own.


Sunnies - vintage
Collar - Choies
Sweater - Mango
Shorts - Zara
Tights - H&M
No Name - Santo Denim


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