samedi 7 juin 2014

May Whims

Lyrics Born - Callin' Out ♫

Le mois de Mai en photos !

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Lately I've been rewatching 'Gossip Girl in Paris' then I had a sudden urge for french pastries...


Organic and greeny inspirations at my father's house... 


Walk across the countryside...


Gloomy mood.


Hanging out with Marine



The Pyrenees & Jurançon.


I love sneaking around the attics and taking selfies in my dad's tractors, haha.


My mum cooked this incredibly delightful pie with speculoos, pistachio, whipped cream and raspberries ¥.¥

My great aunt (the one on the right) gave me this lovely pictures taken in the late seventies. 
You can see my mum holding one of my cousin, with her mother (my grandma) in the middle. 
(Family issues are always complicated haha).

I love the warm colors, their hair with fringes, the furs and the flowers. 
This is so 70's ;)


   I've found these lovely kittens behind my house !♥
 I wanted to take one so much but I don't know who they belong to and I can't have one anyway... 

The End,

See you soon dears !

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