vendredi 30 octobre 2015


Woman I love you, 
But you're bringing me down.

Woman you're perfect, 
Please don't change a thing.

Woman I love you,
But you're freaking me out.

(original lyrics from LCD Soundsystem

Woman I hate the way you hate yourself.
I hate the way you're staring at me,
I hate you laughing when you feel insecure,
I hate you calling me a whore for what you think's a sin.

Woman I hate what religion made of you.
I hate the way I make myself submissive and weak.
I hate what you think about your body,
I hate the shame you feel about your sexuality.

Woman I hate you starving for the sake of being thin.
I hate your jealousy and envy
I hate your spite and your hypocrisy.

Woman you got to respect yourself.
You got to do what you want,
Not what they taught you to be.

©Katy Shayne.
Woman I love you for your curves and your curls.
I love you for every little detail of your skin.
I love to see your bones and purple and blue veins.
I love you tanned, pale, freckled, wrinkled, thin, thick, naked, unseen.

Woman I love the way you got a hold on him.
I love this irresistible power you can play with.
I love you wearing pants, short hair and brogues on your feet.
I love you in a dress, long hair, high heels.

Woman I love you to be free.
Woman you got to feel equal to him.

And I'm sorry I'm watching you walking down the street.
I'm sorry to adore your body like a work of art.
I'm sorry to be so sexualized by my looks and my moves

And yet, as long as I'm not calling for you Sir,
Pacing down the sidewalk at night, 
My outfit is no invitation.

©Asher Moss.
Woman I'm tired of your condition.

Luckily for me thin is fashion,
And in a selfish and bitter way I'm proud and relieved,
Not to be like those girls who have grown believing in one only picture,
With a terrible sense of beauty standards.
Body before brain. "I want to change".

And why should I hide my breast when a man can show it without shame ?
And why should I feel dirty to think about sex when it's standardized for men ?
And why should I be a slut for loving without social bounds ?

Society still has a lot to learn about love and respect of our women,
Of our bodies with their multiple complexions and proportions.

And I want my girl friends to feel happy to be who they are,
And I want my girl friends to look at their reflection in a mirror with pride.

The road to equality is long but we can make it better starting with accepting there's not a unique good type of woman, and above all, loving and respecting ourselves and our bodies.

©Tamara Lichtenstein.
©Marta Bevacqua (on the left).
©Théo Gosselin.
©Emily Soto.
©Solenne Jakovsky (on the left).

©Mariam Sitchinava.
©Szerelmes by Nishe.
©Ophelie Rondeau.
©Emily Soto (on the right).

 ©Mariam Sitchinava.
©Ryan Muirhead.
©Mariam Sitchinava // ©Maximilian Weber.
©Solenne Jakovsky.
©Lucja Stefaniuk.
©Honeyuck // ©Kimberley Gordon.


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  1. J'ai adoré cet article, avec l'ambiance de la musique, de très jolies photos et un texte magnifique. D'ailleurs je me demandais, ce texte, il est de toi ? Bisous

    1. Je suis touchée par ton commentaire, c'est un sujet qui me tient à cœur !
      A part les trois premières lignes, tout le texte est tiré de moi oui ;)


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