mercredi 8 avril 2015

Peace From A Gilded Cage

   Three months ago I wrote an article to share my pain about the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris.
It is not my duty as a blogger to talk about it. But this blog is also about how I feel, and this is how I feel today, in regard to the horrific news I scarcely heard about those last days. Yeah, scarcely. 
I feel like we're living in a gilded cage, well protected from all the horrors of this world, or at least this is what we think... I don't know what my government have said, done about Kenya. Their horrified words won't change a thing, and I have no idea of what there is to do against a brand new army of manipulated men who are taught to kill their brothers in the name of God. 

But what happened in Kenya on last Thursday, it's a symbol of their ultimate goal. 
They slaughtered students, young people having a chance to learn and get an education. They represented future, they represented hope. 
And those gunmen killed the hope, they took the life out of hundreds of youngsters who had a chance to get a better living in a country, in a whole continent where people are starving, killed in civil wars, suffering from incurable diseases, crushed under the weight of tyranical and corrupted governments... 
Education is the only way to access freedom !

We are living in the Twentieth Century and people are killed for the color of their skin and people are killed for their religion. Black people are killed by policemen for being blacks, people are killed by so-called muslims for not being muslims... 
I can't believe this is still happening !

   And as if it wasn't enough, a fucking suicidal man decided to kill another hundreds of people with him in the fucking plane he was directing ! 
Oh wow where are we going ?! 

   Right now I feel lucky, I feel so lucky to live here in this gilded cage where I can go to the university for free without being scared of bombs and guns, I feel lucky to go outside without fearing someone to shoot me for being a non-believer, a girl or whatever... But we've been threaten, and it seems that we simply are powerless against this evil.

For all the victims of war, hate and oppression.

For all the families who have lost their children. 

Peace is the only thing we ask for.

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  1. Je partage tes sentiments, ta tristesse et ta colère...
    Et je constate chaque jour la de la position privilégiée dans laquelle je suis...

    1. Et notre seule arme c'est la liberté d'expression, de quoi se sentir impuissants face à tout ces drames :/


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