jeudi 7 août 2014

Rainy July


First shooting of the month. 

Some details in my room. 

My mum took this photo while I was fixing my camera to shoot my outit.
There was a bunch of kids starring at me as if I was doing something extraordinary -my mum works with children so they are always home :)


Sourires d'enfeeeer ! 

Marine resting after the shooting.



 I went to town to see my family and one of my little cousin gave me this little bouquet -
while he gave Marine a giant bouquet, haha.



Laurielle très fière sur son vélo qu'elle n'avait pas sorti depuis six ans.

Le Jardin de Kofu, à Pau.



My bestfriend of all the time -the very first Laura in my life ;)


Wakin' up...


Delightful moment with my mum


(again - looks like I was quite inspired on that day)

Morning inspo.

Late night inspo.


Séance photo au Parc de Majolan... à venir prochainement sur le blog ;)

This place is magic, like a fairy tale setting.

Place de la Victoire, Bordeaux.

Trouvez le petit train caché sur l'image... ;)

Have you seen the little train hiden on the picture..?

Bisous bisous !

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