jeudi 28 août 2014


He's a madman. A crazy, fascinating one.
Scared of the deepest feeling inside of him, 
He runs, runs away from what he loves. 
Aware of his evils, he cannot escape from his prison 
- made of all the sins and the good reasons to his flaws. 

But you're trapped. You will never escape from your fear.
Till you fucking realize, you coward, you runaway,
 How sweet, how pure, how deep and how strong all this could be.

And if I had a God I would pray for your soul,
But I have nothing and I cannot hope,
Cause this is the source of all my pain.

We're trapped together with our demons.
And none of us will get what we want.

Sunglasses - Steack Fripes 
Earrings - from Tunis
Shawl - from Tunis
Dress - Pull & Bear 
Sandals - Zara

Bisous bisous

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