mardi 2 décembre 2014

Nostalgic November

   Une nouvelle série de clichés tirés d'un mois de Novembre qui ne fut pas très fructueux stylistiquement mais en revanche bien rempli au niveau des shoots avec photographes et de bons moments passés en famille !
J'espère que cet automne vous aura été favorable ; je vous souhaite plein de bonnes choses pour le mois à venir♥

Cliquez sur les images pour les agrandir - bonne lecture ;)

01/11/14 - Countryside

The weather was incredibly sweet on this afternoon, and after I went to the cemetery with my dad for All Saints Day, I escaped my book and my writings to meet up Marine. What a great relief it is to see each other when we're bored as hell in our respective houses !

02/11/14 - Countryside

Early birds.

03/11/14 - Valley of the Dolls

Thanks to my brother for this beautiful and touching book
& to my mother for this lovely and poetic set of bed linen

Light drops.

04/11/14 - Valley of the Dolls

This is my no make up face. Eww.

And this is my cold bitch look.

12/07/14 - Valley of the Dolls

Some of my other birthday gifts - thanks to all of you♥

A lovely necklace by my lovely Mariana ! ;)

Statement necklace by my dearest Laura B.

A new computer, thanks to my Dad !

A gorgeous Zara dress by my Mum !

And a cute Zara top by my elder sister

Finally, my adorable friends Fanny, Coline & Noémie chose this stylish Zara top for me

15/11/14 - Bordeaux

A Hipster or Hitler cat... ?

18/11/14 - Bordeaux 

I just love walking downtown...

22/11/14 - Pau, Le Continental.

Avis aux palois, je vous recommande vivement le Continental pour déguster un délicieux repas gastronomique pas si cher que ça ! 
Les serveurs y sont très aimables et pas du tout guindé ;) 
Hélas pour une fois je n'ai pas de photos des plats.

Lunch at the restaurant with my Mum & my sister (who hates photos).

I feel like taking this same picture everytime I come around... 
Wait, this is actually the fact ¥.¥

Le funiculaire...

23/11/14 - Countryside 

   My great-grandmother who has just celebrated her 101 years old and published her memoirs. She still tell us old stories and jokes with the same kindly smile.
This is hard to believe, I'm so proud of her
We came to visit her with my cousin Marine, again ;)

28/11/14 - Bordeaux

Always trying to catch every single detail of this amazing city

28/11/14 - Somewhere in the Night.

And I'm also very good at taking useless pictures.

30/11/14 - Valley of the Dolls

We bought that cute little panda at Ikea for some kid but it was so hard for me to abandon it then I took a little picture for the memory

Adieu petit Panda.

Bisous !

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  1. Lovely pictures


  2. This is a so precious pictures dear! You know how capture the beauty of everything: people, moments, nature!

    1. Wow, this is such a sweet thing to say - thank you Alisa♥

  3. Très jolies photos ! tu nous gâtes, j'adore celles du haut , vous êtes vraiment adorables ! ♥ ♥ ♥ j'adore les petites taches de rousseur , c'est trop mimi ! ♥


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