mercredi 25 juin 2014

Sweet Encounter With The Monster

The Smiths - Asleep ♪

Conversation with myselves.

I can't find sleep. Please leave me. I'm too tired to fight. Please, please, please.
Leave me alone, I just want to feel the peace and emptiness. 
Go away ! Can you hear me ? Fuck off you bastard !
I'm going crazy ! I'm going fucking crazy !
I told you to leave ! Right now !
Please understand.

The tears are rolling down my cheeks, I'm sobbing like a child, I hurt inside. 

It's your fault, it's your own fucking fault.
You're so weak, there's nothing you can do. It makes you mad to see these pictures. It makes you mad to remember these words. But guess what ? That's fucking life ! You gotta deal with it ! 
Take your fucking responsibilities, move on fucking doll !

But the Monster is still here, I can feel it ! I can feel it ! Please help me !

No one is here to help you. You have to take this on your own.
Come on, scream ! Scream louder, let it out ! Let these fucking tears run down your face. 

Violet E.



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