jeudi 22 mai 2014

A Very Late April Story

Pixies - Monkey Gone To Heaven

   As I've done every month since last November, I show you today some pictures I've taken during the last month ; a nice way to share a bit of my daily life with you :) 
It may not be as cool or as whatever as Instagram, but I got no account -the only apps on my phone are to know the weather and to check my bank account, haha.

Anyway I hope you like this kind of article - tell me what you think of it !


Some black & white inspiration after an afternoon shower. 
Reminds me of Hitchcock's Psycho ;) 


Just found out daisies could suffer from distortion due to pollution. It's awful.
Poor little baby♥


Hot Sunday in Bordeaux. Visited the Theatre with my friend Sarah. 



Bagels at the Catering with my dear Sarah, before a long walk in town, to visit Les Vivres de l'Art and get lost in the streets of our city.


I had loaned her my sunnies, they match so perfectly with her style don't you think so ? 

Don't know why this also made me think of Hitchcock movies... -yes I see him everywhere :))

Street art in Bordeaux.


Stormy weather over the Pyrenees. 


Lilac & roses in Paris.


Parisian rooves.


Tea time with my cousin at Acide. The porcelain is so pretty isn't it ? I just love it. 
And what could I say about this hazelnut cream puff... ? 
Oh My, I adore French pastry ¥.¥


Just got back from my trip to Paris. 
Feels good to lay on my bed, little socks on ;)

Bisous bisous !

2 commentaires:

  1. Superbes photos ! Le théâtre de Bordeaux a l'air magnifique et j'aime bien l'inspiration du film Hitchcock, cette scène est tellement connue. ;)

    Roses en Vogue

    1. Hehe oui, Hitchcock m'inspire souvent inconsciemment :p Le théâtre est assez grandiose en effet !
      Merci pour ton commentaire, bisous♥


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